Happy Valley Rabbitry
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Mini Rex
Happy Valley's Aspen
BEW (Blue Eyed White) Doe
Lawson's Razzle Dazzle
 Broken Chocolate Otter Buck
Happy Valley's Electron
 BEW Buck, Pedigreed and Registered
Happy Valley's Shaboom
Broken Opal Vm
Happy Valley's Splash Of Class
Broken Castor Vm Buck
Lawson's Godiva
Chocolate Otter (Molting in picture)
Breaking Dawn's Dot
Black Vm Doe
Happy Valley's Tizzy
Broken Blue Doe
Shambhala Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Otter Buck
Happy Valley's Queenie
Black Otter Doe
Shambhala Glory
Black Otter Doe
Happy Valley's Black Tie Affair
Black Buck
Shambhala Grit
Black Buck